About Dukaan.com

Dukaan.com is an idea that was launched nearly 25 years ago. It is the world's first "live book & commerce experiment" that covers three crucial aspects into one experience:

* Swadeshi - Our country is in dire need of promoting goods & services that are Made in India. We need to truly become free from IMPORT. At Dukaan.com, we provide a full list of 100% Indian products - which keep on becoming part of the book.  

* Time - Dukaan.com is an idea that will continue to change EVERY DAY. So, it is not static by evolving. 

* Ideas - The book will depend on USER PARTICIPATION to create content. So, every user of the platform becomes part of the idea with real interaction. The user can choose any role - like being a buyer, seller, retailer, advertiser, service provider etc. 

So, Dukaan.com is not just one thing, it is a DYNAMIC COMBINATION of three things:

* An evolving book

* A platform for receiving goods, without money

* An effort to make India free from the tyranny of Import by raising the cry of "Quit India" for foreign goods. 

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